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What accessories does aerosol filling machine need?

With the development of formula of aerosol, aerosol products constantly updated, from packaging to performance have been significantly improved, the product system more perfect, can meet the sanitary insecticide industry, the clinical medical system requirements. With the market, the quality and technical requirements of aerosol production equipment are higher and higher.
There are many types of aerosol filling machine, not deviate from the main parts of measuring cylinder, stainless steel table, filling head, sealing machine, filling machine, various types of pneumatic valves, air compressors, different needs, different parts, can adjust the production according to the specific needs. Conveying device, quantitative device, positioning device. Detecting device, electric control system, air control system.
In steady development: from ordinary filling to two yuan filling, from semi-automatic to fully automatic, gradually mature, and widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, chemical industry, and so on.


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