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Application of aerosol filling machine

Application of aerosol filling machine in the two ether with good water solubility and solvent properties, especially in polymer as the main ingredients of products, water-based products, agent for liquid two-phase system products is the one and only.Can be used as water-based aerosol propellant [13]. In 1928, Norwegian Eric Rossi M (Eric R0tlleim, inventor of aerosol packaging) first used two methyl ether as an aerosol propellant [14]. After many years of testing the quality and safety of two methyl ether, two methyl ether has been widely used in aerosol industry abroad. [15] the United States has used two methyl ether as a propellant for two antifungal aerosols. China's first people's Hospital of Shunde in cooperation with Guangzhou Xiangxue pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, the successful production of two ether as a new generation of environmentally friendly propellant surface anesthesia of Lidocaine Aerosol, as an alternative to freon as new pharmaceutical aerosol propellant. Paper detection.
Aerosol filling machine and absorption of foreign advanced technology, filling head control alone, not a non tank; sealing guided, such as sealing quality is not high, the machine will automatically stop; inflatable inflatable head with oriented, accurate and efficient with minimal gas consumption. It can be equipped with automatic valve machine, automatic weighing machine, automatic pressure nozzle machine, automatic press cap machine and ink jet machine.
Aerosol is different from most other formulations: the packaging of this kind of preparation needs pressure vessel, valve system and special production equipment, so the cost of the product is higher. In addition, aerosol propellant as an important part of the (mainly hydrocarbon freon-12) can damage the ozone layer, with serious environment problem, but also in animal or human body reaches a certain concentration can be sensitized by heart, causing arrhythmia.


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