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The function of aerosol test equipment

There are 3 key quality problems in aerosol products: jet, leakage and explosion.
A single tank aerosol product cannot be sprayed out. The consequences of leakage vary greatly depending on the nature of the propellant and the content. Most aerosol products use flammable and explosive liquid gas as propellant and flammable solvent as medium. Therefore, aerosol leakage may lead to combustion explosion. In order to prevent the aerosol in the storage and transportation, display and use in the process of leakage caused by a variety of dangers, aerosol filling enterprises try their best to fight the leakage tank can be intercepted in the production line. Aerosol testing equipment to intercept the leakage of products on the production line, the key is to detect the product of micro leakage and chronic leakage.


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